New Special Order Lamps and Shades

Lampshades. An oftentimes overlooked element in a room that is truly one that, with customization and attention to detail, can completely revamp and refine the overall aesthetics of a space. Think about it, how often do we buy a beautiful lamp for our room and settle with the prefab shade that comes with it or default to white/ ivory cones or drums and, if we are daring, venture into black or linen territory. When we have so many countless opportunities with fabrics and trims to customize every other soft finish in the space why do we merely accept the limited options out there for shades when the addition of a great trim or pop of color or pattern could truly become the artwork in the room? On top of that it has become increasingly difficult to source vendors and options to even purchase said white/ivory/black/linen shades- we have customers coming in all of the time on the hunt. Well, the buck stops here. We have an amazing lighting vendor who not only sells some of the most gorgeous overhead lighting, lamps, and accessories we have ever laid our eyes on (another time, another blog post) but also has an array of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind lamp shades in all shapes, sizes, materials, and custom detailing options available for special order. The best part is you can buy the shades separately! So, that pair of lamps that got passed down from grandma- you know the ones in the garage with a cool mid-century base but awful yellowed paper shade….they can become unique fixtures in your living room with some amazing ikat shades to coordinate with your decor. Or, you can custom combine some of these amazing base options with a shade of your choice to ensure you have a lamp that won’t be easily duplicated by every old Sally Sue. Stop by the store today and check out this extensive catalog and sample library of shade options and expand your horizons. Ivory and white shades no more (unless, of course, they have a custom silk contrast trim)!

Check out all of these amazing shade shapes and sizes available:

jamie young1

jamie young4

jamie young2

jamie young3

Dozens of fabric selections and custom detailing options:

jamie young

All of these shades are available in a variety of combinations with these bases and many more or for purchase separately:

jamie young lamps


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