Front Door Featured: Scoop Charlotte- Furniture Every Grown Woman Should Have In Her Home


Check out our latest feature in Scoop Charlotte in an article highlighting the 10 furniture items that every grown woman should own. We are huge believers in investing a little bit at a time into individual, quality made and constructed and timeless pieces that will surpass every fad and phase of your early 20’s-late 30’s, be durable and resilient as kids, pets, and life take over late 30’s-50’s and that are still of the highest quality and beauty to re-upholster and revamp in your 60’s-70’s and pass down to your kids as they start the cycle over. We stand behind our made and manufactured in NC Wesley Hall pieces we sell for those very reasons and believe that if we had to narrow it down to just a few choices these would be the pieces with the most versatility, use-ability, and comfort-ability without compromising on style and sophistication. These are the pieces that ( of course paired with all of the accouterments: rugs, lighting, drapes, pillows, accessories, etc.) that every grown woman should have (or stop by the store to consider having) in her home:


Wesley Hall 1856-84 Kingsley Sofa



 Wesley Hall 1840-72 Amelia Settee 

A classic lined neutral sofa and/or an equally classic love seat: Something that feels timeless yet current, something in a durable upholstery weight fabric (we have tons of options for durability and stain resistance!) suitable for entertaining, lounging, and living day to day on. A well constructed quality piece (sorry, no more Ikea) that will be recovered and passed down to the next generation before being replaced.
 Wesley Hall 793 Irving Chair and 793-26 Ottoman 
-A pair of reclined chairs/ a sophisticated take on a seat for the man of the house: These tufted leather Wesley Hall pieces look sleek, savvy, and sophisticated but are oh so comfortable- ask any man who has ever stepped foot in the store this tufted beauty has been the seat of choice the few times we have had it here on display. With matching tufted ottomans this pair is a new take on a classic home staple- the reclining club chairs. They also make the perfect reading spot or movie watching spot for girls night in as they perfectly cradle your body!
 Wesley Hall 5418T Hadley 18″ Console 
A console/desk: This upholstered Wesley Hall console with decorative nail head detailing is such a fantastic piece- you can use it for a stylish desk off of a living area, it works great in a foyer or hallway for a catch all spot with some decorative garden stools or x-benches tucked in underneath, it even could serve as a unique take on a media console to place under your flat screen!
 Wesley Hall 656 Scout Chair 
A seat for the lady of the house: A unique take on a wing chair with its exaggerated silhouette this dark taupe Wesley Hall piece, accented by nail heads, is a looker for sure! Set off to the side of the room with a reading lamp and a faux shagreen side table this is the perfect spot to perch and chat on the phone, read, or have a quite moment to yourself.
Wesley Hall 32C Prism Ottoman
A great ottoman: Not only will a stylish ottoman help anchor the arrangement of all the above listed pieces and provide comfort when seated but can also be a versatile piece for additional seating or flat surface area with a tray a top it when entertaining!
Gabby Home Grace Farmhouse China Cabinet 
A versatile storage piece: At this point in life many people have collections of things- things passed down, things acquired from travels, etc.  A beautiful piece to display your collections in your home is a must! Select a piece that has some versatility to it- this Gabby cabinet could be used for china in a dining room, guest linens, storage, and decorative accents in a guest room, shoes and purses in a closet, or books or collected finds in a living area
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