Front Door Featured: Charlotte Today- The Power of Pillows


In case you missed it yesterday morning here is our featured segment on Charlotte Today all about the power of pillows and the impact they hold in updating, refreshing, and revamping a room! You can do so many unique and custom things by layering designer fabrics and trims together, placing the trim in a unique layout, using contrasting fabrics on the fronts and backs, and sewing the casings with zippers in place in order to be able to “quick change” a room to update it seasonally or keep the overall aesthetic constantly changing. We also have many wonderful options like custom monograms and embroideries or custom hand painted pillow options perfect for gifts for upcoming occasions like bridal showers, weddings, Mother’s day, etc. Stop by the store today and meet with one of our talented interior designers on custom creating your own pillow!


charlott today pillows 2

charlotte today pillows 3

Here is an upclose look at some of the inventive use of layered trims, custom details, and combined designer fabrics on some of the pillows featured in the Charlotte Today segment:

charlotte today pillows

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