Happy Valentine’s Day

We wanted to take a moment this Valentine’s Day Saturday to express our heartfelt gratitude and love and appreciation to you, our loyal customers and clientele. Thank you for shopping small and shopping local with us time and time again. Thank you for allowing us to have a record breaking sales year last year and a booming start to 2015. Thank you for allowing us into the privacy of your homes in order to create beauty and to help you evoke feelings of hospitality and comfort for your family and your guests and to beautifully create spaces of peace and serenity and cozy warmth. We love being able to do what we do here and recognize how blessed we are for that. We love our team, we love our synergy, we love our workrooms and vendors and all the relationships that help us make our relationship with you, our customer, better. We love that we get to share our love for what we do here in a way that helps and betters the lives of others (read about our everyday valentines here) and we love that every time you shop with us you are a part of that mission, sharing love with people you will never know. We love that many of our furniture and fabric options are made and manufactured here in glorious North Carolina. We love that we can tailor our design services with our in house design team to fit your need and budget whether it be an in home consult or in store, whether it is an entire room overhaul or a simple custom throw pillow design. We take pride in what we do here big or small and love anything and everything that we can do to help you, our customer, experience beauty in your home. We love the relationships that we get to establish with you as we learn about the wants and needs and tastes of you and your family. We love the excitement of seeing a project through to completion and seeing happy customers after installation. We love seeing our workroom carrying out bags and bolts knowing that amazing workmanship that will ensue and seeing them return with stuff that wows us every time. Our motto, “Love God. Love people. Love fabrics.” could not be more accurate. We love making you fall in love, whether it be the first time or all over again, with your home. A thanks to you our valentines for helping us to be what we are and for allowing us to do what we do. We love and appreciate you!

{artwork by Eva Crawford}

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