Pouf There It Is

The “pouf” ottoman has been on quite the rise in design popularity over the past few years as it serves as, quite possibly, one of the most dynamic and multi-functional design accessories to accent a space with. Perfectly suited for small spaces or homes with little ones the pouf works dual purpose as a soft edged coffee table, actual ottoman for a chair, stool to sit on for low profile seating, side table for a chair with a tray on top, end-of-bed-bench, or merely a decorative element to house under a console or sofa table with the dual functionality to instantly become stylish additional seating should the need arise. They add softness, texture, color, interest, and pattern to a space and sometimes even become one of the main focal points, depending on the room design. Take a look at some of these great examples of poufs being utilized in multiple ways below:
We are so excited to now have some pouf forms of our own in stock of both rectilinear and cylindrical silhouettes that are available now! Come in and let us help you design your own custom pouf to coordinate with your decor! The sky is truly the limit in what you can do here….patchwork fabrics so that each side or all the sides and the top are in differing coordinating prints, add brush fringe around the parameter for added texture and interest, layer flat banding or Greek key trims around the top and bottom to coordinate with your custom drapery banding…..so many infinite possibilities and combinations of fabrics and trims to choose from! Stop by today and pick out your pouf!

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