Front Door Files: Updated Dining Room Chairs

It is truly amazing how minimal fabric yardage can make a huge impact and offer a visual face lift to any space. Whether it be an accent pillow or a chair seat a few yards can go far in transforming the overall look and feel of any room. This traditionally styled dining room already felt stately, classic, and timeless with its existing formal silhouettes and rich wood tones of the furniture, archival botanical prints, and custom window treatments, however, the varying shades of browns, black, champagne, gold, and burgundy fell flat when it covered the entire space with minimal pops of accent colors to add variety and depth. The original tonal striped ivory chair cushions were instantly updated with the introduction of one of our favorite blue animal prints which pulls out not only the navy details from the rug pattern but the inky blues in the background of the customer’s artwork as well as some heirloom blue and white porcelain.  We’ve said it before and we will say it again, the truest of blues are always classic, always timeless, and always on trend- especially as of late. This dining room now has a rich, dynamic feel with a fun and unexpected pop of animal print to update the space and add drama and the transformation was done with under 3 yards of fabric, some elbow grease, and a lot of staples! Have some chairs you want to transform? Stop by the store and let us help you pick out the perfect print to add a pop to your space!

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