Front Door Files: Chair Revamp in Shades of Blue

Thanks to one of our wonderful customers for sending in these pictures of her fantastic chair revamps! The first shows a bold geometric print (in the two corner chairs) that perfectly ties in the classic true blues of her ceiling accent paint color, artwork, and rug details. The bold and large scale geometric design offer the perfect juxtaposition to some of her more traditional design elements and furniture silhouettes and really helps to pull the room together in a way that feels fresh and timeless.
This bold, blue geometric fabric has been quite popular and one of our favorites! You may even recognize it from an ottoman we had in stock and had specially made for an advertisement shoot and promotional sale a while back (just to give you another close up look at the print) The scale and unique design make it a show stopper for sure!
(Note: this promotional no longer applies)
This same savvy customer took to some DIY experimentation and revamped her dark wood dining chairs into something bright and bold utilizing our One Step Amy Howard  paint and some plush blue geometric velvet. We love how everything turned out int this customer’s stylish space- thank you for sharing the end results with us, Jennifer!
Have a home project that we helped you with that you would like to share? Send us an email to [email protected] and your lovely home could be featured too! Nothing thrills us more than sharing in the designing and the beauty of your home decor!

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