New Lighting Displays


We have added a few more overhead displays to our showroom floor this past week featuring some truly gorgeous, unique, and one-of-a-kind overhead lighting options, from pendants to chandeliers in all shapes, sizes, and styles, all available for special order through the store. Overhead lighting was a new development for us as of last year and we could not be more excited about the extensive catalog of options available for purchase and special order. These are showstopping, breathtakingly beautiful works of art that would truly set any home apart with the attention to detail, quality construction, unique use of materials, and innovative design features and details. Case in point: our new door display of onyx fixtures and beaded fixtures all taking a note of inspiration from nature and showcased in sleek, contemporary form. Looking for a way to set your room and home apart? Stop by the store and let us help you dream up and design unique overhead lighting displays in your own home!



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