Front Door Spaces: Classic yet Current Blue and White

A big thank you to one of our loyal customers over the past few years for sending over some pictures of a room that we have been working with her on recently. Her family room is truly a place for all to gather to rest, relax, entertain, etc. She wanted to focus on creating an overall neutral space that still represented a great range in depth, texture, warmth, etc. to create a serene overall environment but to incorporate various pops of navy and blue in order to accentuate her vast collection of blue and white pottery. With emphasis on stylish “neutral” accent pieces we selected two silver metal and glass shelf side tables to display frames and other blue and white collectibles and a distressed taupe colored tray top coffee table to anchor the center of the conversation layout. Colorful “pops” of blue were then layered in in various patterns of pillows and graphic geometric prints on reupholstered cane chairs and reupholstered blue wing back chairs (not pictured). The room has really come together so far to create a space that is timelessly sophisticated and stylish yet family friendly and a space that truly reflects the style and personalities of those that live there as it is filled with personal photos and collected treasures that really pull the room together and make it intricately them. With a few items still left to go like new lamps behind the sofa we think that this room is certainly looking #frontdoorfabulous!


Have a photo of a space you would like to share? Enjoy the bragging rights and email us at [email protected] or tag us on social media! We love to see the end results as much as you do!


Here is a before for reference of where the room started – dark and heavy with all of the red :farmer3



And the after- light, fresh, airy, soothing, serene, classic yet current:






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