From the Designer’s Desk: Personal Touches

Any talented interior designer out there can pull together beautiful fabrics, coordinating furnishings and accents, special lighting features, and intricate details that make the room feel complete, custom, unique, well rounded, distinctive, and well thought out- it is what we are essentially trained to do, it is the job description (although, arguably, some do this with more efficiency, finesse, and signature style than others). This is all part of the “formula” for a perfectly “designed” space. Oftentimes, however, these spaces however well thought out and designed can feel lacking, missing a very key element, YOU. You see, a room can look perfectly done yet still fall short in everything that would make it a beautifully unique and personal space to you and your family and, in that sense, it feels staged, and sometimes cold and impersonal, unlivable in the day-to-day. That, dear friends, it was separates those glossy editorial spreads you see in all the home decor magazines that seem completely unattainable from the reality of what REAL spaces should be and should look like. You can still have a space that rivals any of these gorgeous spreads but the details of what makes those spaces beautiful have to relate back to the person who lives there. That is where we come in. Here at Front Door we take time and care to get to know you, your likes, your interests, your hobbies, your collections, your heritage…whatever it is that is important to you and your family and integrate that into the most intricate threads and details of the design for your space. For example, this current room-in-progress. At first glance it appears that the fabrics are merely selected to coordinate with the client’s artwork and on that premise alone it would be a beautifully thought out room with a good mix of pattern, color, texture, depth, etc. That, however, keeps it surface level. If you dig a little deeper you would know that the reasons behind the selections were deeply personal. This particular client purchased this artwork because it was a special reminder of a European adventure trip she took with her daughter, her favorite color is Delft blue based off of her Dutch heritage- a color that is intricately present in the Jacobean floral print, and she desired a space that could be a relaxing retreat to rejuvenate her mind and spirit which was the basis for the cool color scheme and tinge of blue green in the grey toned wall color selection. Here and her family really utilize this space so the camouflage and durability factor was a major consideration for the charcoal grey herringbone pattern for the sofa…. we could go on and on….the point is each fabric, while perfectly put together at first glance, has an intrinsic purpose and meaning far beyond “matching” artwork. Any good designer could have coordinated some fabric to the artwork but here at Front Door we HEAR your story and we help you TELL it. 

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