From the Designer’s Desk: Classic Coral Chic

Some colors are soul mates- just meant to be married together in perfect harmony. They are a tried and true, no fail, always fresh, always timeless, always beautiful go to’s. The palest whisper of aquamarine to the moody depths of robin’s egg blue paired with the happiest pops of richly saturated coral make this in progress space one of those classic combinations and absolutely nothing short of cheery. The idea here are chairs out of this gorgeous aqua velvet with quatrefoil tape trim lining the bottom edge on the box pleated skirt, a creamy ivory ikat inspired Crypton  for the sofa (yes that is right this gorgeous print in the bottom center is virtually indestructible-pets, children, red wine…on the ivory sofa….no problem!), the dramatic large scale English linen floral for an entire wall of drapes with bold pops of coral to incorporate the existing coral animal print accent chair, and then, of course, loads and loads of delicious layered patterns for pillows, trims, flanges, etc. This space feels well collected and has a unique juxtaposition of being equal parts calm, serene, quiet, and peaceful as it does energetic, vivacious, and lively- a perfect space to both read a book and relax in as well as to host a gathering of family and friends over (perhaps to take turns spilling red wine on the Crypton sofa!) The combination of classic motifs (quatrefoil, Jacobean inspired floral, silk plaid) paired with unique takes on stripes, swirls, and textural geometric patterns makes this space feel deeply layered and dynamic, timeless and yet current. What do you think? What are your color combination go to’s?

coral chic

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