From the Designer’s Desk: Daughter’s Room

While we spend a lot of time here at the store designing beautiful and sophisticated “grown up” spaces we also specialize in designing nurseries, play rooms, kids rooms, teenager spaces, dorm rooms, first apartments, etc. as a way to make the design of your home all inclusive and to create a distinct aesthetic flow and stylized functionality. These spaces are always so fun to design for as they oftentimes feature vibrant colors, tons of fun layered patterns and prints, and a hefty dash of whimsy and charm. We are always mindful to work with you to best represent your child’s style, likes, and personality while also adhering to elements such as budget, fabric and furnishing durability, stylistic longevity, flexibility of the design elements’ ability to transition over time (such as a young girl’s room to a teenager room or a teenager room to a dorm room, etc.) with minimal changes to be made, etc. We feel it is important that your child have a space to call their own that they feel they can be included ( to whatever degree of say you deem appropriate for your family) in the overall design process while also maintaining the visual flow of your home. We are happy to conduct consultations with both parent and child in order to orchestrate a design plan that feels right to everyone involved and are happy to help guide and direct in terms of appropriate fabric selections and, if possible, to guide you in the best investment elements such as bedding, dressers, nightstands, lamps, rugs, headboards, etc. that can transition well over the years. Take a look at this in progress design for a young girl inspired by her love of purple and slightly bohemian tastes (think Anthropologie) with the knowledge in mind that it needs to be appropriate for her age now with enough fun and whimsy to feel like a young girl’s room yet mindful that in a few short years this will be a teenager space and will need to easily transition to such with investments up front such as a custom headboard, bedding, and drapery panels. Age certainly doesn’t dictate taste and style should not be limited for fear of things such as durability, age and style transitions, etc. there are solutions and remedies for all of those things that we are happy to help guide you in here at Front Door!
from the designers desk daughters room

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