From the Designer’s Desk: Ralph Lauren Inspired Retreat

Oftentimes realistic approach to designing spaces is a drawn out process done in multiple stages. Not everyone has the timeline, availability, budget, readiness to make final decisions in one fowl swoop, etc. and that is perfectly okay! Sometimes it is important, for whatever reason, to take it a stage at a time and narrow the design process down to manageable “bites” to allow new pieces to live and breathe in the space before advancing onto the next stage of decisions. Sometimes you have to see how the new sofa, drapes, etc. look and feel in the space before the decision on the coffee table and accent pillows becomes more apparent. Designing a space that feels authentic to you, your home, and your family is something that is meant to take time in order to have a lived in and acquired over time feel as oppose to the I-bought-this-all-as-a-package-deal-in-one-afternoon-room-in-a-bag type vibe. It grants the spatial design a more intimate feel and more personal aesthetic. Being said, we at Front Door are happy to help you map out the trajectory of your design game plan via our in home consultation services coming up with a feasible direction and path for you to follow as and when you are ready to advance to the next step allowing room for adjustments and growth as the project progresses. We oftentimes work with our clients in stages as they design their home starting with one element or room and returning to finish off some details or advance to the next space a few weeks or months down the road. For example, you may recognize some of these images from a previous design post as this previous in-home design consultation featured a revamped living room design based around the client’s hunt scene oil paintings and heavily inspired by their classic Ralph Lauren inspired taste. Now, we look at re-approaching the space to possibly recover two wing chairs for additional seating in a scrumptious complimentary fabric with a banded skirt featuring one of our new special order trim selections. Which one will we choose? Stay tuned!

Have a space you need direction with? You’ve come to the right spot- we can’t wait to help you get your design game plan in action and are here to help later down the road when you are ready for the next phase, room, or simply want to continue to add final details and embellishments!

from the designers desk ralph lauren

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