Mark Your Calendars- Small Business Saturday is Nov. 28th!

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10 reasons to shop small with Front Door this year:

1. You will support your local economy (read some stats on this here).

2. You will receive superb customer service from a talented staff of designers who value your patronage to our store and want to establish a one-on-one relationship with you in order to better understand your wants and needs for your intimate, personal space- your home. These designers will take time and care to seek out the best possible solutions and options for you to suit your needs and are available for in home or in store design consultations to help assist you in acquiring the space you desire. You won’t find this sort of interaction or service on a Cyber Monday Website or a Black Friday warehouse sale.

3.Our Wesley Hall furniture line and many of our fabric vendors, such as Valdese Weavers, are all manufactured and made here in NC so in purchasing you are supporting not only Charlotte economy and small business but North Carolina small business as a whole!

4. We support local artists and artisans and have several whose pieces and products we have for sale in our showroom.

5. We give a portion of all of our profits to She is Safe, an organization that aids in helping women out of trafficking and providing for them opportunities to gain skill sets in sewing by providing them sewing machines and lessons so that they may be self sufficient and provide for themselves and their children a means of living. We have consistently provided a sewing machine every month, with a focus on women in Mali, since our doors first opened. Read more about this organization here.

6. We pride ourselves in customer service and our motto is “We get it right 90% of the time and the other 10% we make it right.”

7. When you order fabric, custom furniture, home accessories, etc. from us we ensure that it comes to the store and undergoes rigorous quality control before it even gets to you or your home and take on all the hassle of making it right when things do, on occasion, come in damaged or defective. You never have to worry about that back and forth hassle with manufacturers when shopping with us. We stand behind our work and our vendors stand behind us to ensure you the best quality possible!

8. We believe in passion. We value what we do when we come in to work everyday and you will see and feel that in the synergy of our staff. Our desire is for all of our employees to flourish in what they do both in the store and out of the store and we believe that mindset is what brings us the unique “feeling” of service we have here.

9.You can get money back on Small Business Saturday. If you’re an American Express cardholder, you can register your card in advance and then shop in one of the many listed independent local stores in your area as well as restaurants on the American Express “Shop Small” map and in return get up to three $10 statement credits. (Register at

10. As if all of those reasons aren’t enough, we are offering 30% off of all in stock merchandise/ fabric/ trim only for this one day event.

And we will leave you with this inspiring thought (you can substitute “designer” or “small business owner” for “artist” here)…


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