From the Designer’s Desk: Room to Room Schemes

Our in home design consultations are sometimes a wonderfully complex service that we offer to our customers. Oftentimes they are a multi stepped process involving so much more than addressing just fabrics or upholstered goods- we always tell people we do everything except tile and cabinetry! We can come in and help you select everything from the color of the walls down to the color of a lamp. Case in point: this in progress scheme from one of our designer’s takes into consideration the aesthetic flow of an entire downstairs layout coordinating colors and styles from one space to the next in a seamless manner. From wall colors to fabrics, from coordinating area rugs to the client’s own accent lighting and inherited antique furnishings, this scheme is a multi tiered process of orchestrating the client’s existing and family heirloom pieces with things that feel new and fresh and add to the overall look and feel of the home’s design style and aesthetic and that creates a continues flow from room to room. Have some existing pieces you are trying to work around? Stop by and have one of our designer’s take a peek and help you come up with a plan to make all that is old new again!

from the designers desk

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