From furniture, pillows, lighting and fabrics to accessories and decor, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Feel free to call us clairvoyant.

We might not be mind readers but our finger is firmly on the pulse of design trends, and our resident experts help keep abreast of all the latest happenings in the world of interior design. We know what’s hot and what’s not and that means you receive the best products and ideas. Ever. You won’t find any Pier One elephants in our showroom. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


In any room, custom designed furniture is a little piece of artwork that reflects your individual style. All of your needs and desires such as size, length and style of cushions can be incorporated to create a customized gem for your home. We offer brands hand-crafted in North Carolina such as Wesley Hall and Miles Talbott.

We feature carefully selected furniture to compliment your home, fabric and accessory choices. Furniture is chosen to showcase current trends and colors while focusing on attention to detail such as tufting or nail heads.

Monogramming adds an additional element of personalization and is the most custom decorating style. Enhancing an ordinary item can be done with a monogram and gives ownership to the creative process by helping clients create their own special piece. Reupholstering an existing piece of furniture is a simple to step to makeover an entire room.

About Wesley Hall

Over the last 20 years, Wesley Hall has become a premiere manufacturer in the upscale upholstered furniture market. They attribute their success to an unwavering commitment to providing excellent service, quality, fashion, and value. As the third and fourth generations of their family are involved in upholstered furniture manufacturing, they have upheld their time-honored tradition of hands-on involvement in every aspect of the business.

Take a seat. No, really.

North Carolina is known as the furniture capital of the universe so it should come as no surprise that Front Door offers an exquisite collection of our very own custom-designed furniture, handcrafted right here in the good ‘ol US of A. Our full line of furniture is not only affordable but our selection of custom fabrics will bring your room to life.


Fabric adds warmth, texture, and personality to any room. Whether it is used on window treatments, furniture, pillows or personalized accents, fabric brings comfort and joy. We choose fabrics with care and an emphasis on quality, selection, and an eye on the latest trends.

When decorating a room, choose “aha!” fabrics – such as bold prints and patterns—and “go-with” fabrics—such as checks, stripes and diamonds. Variety is important when choosing fabric, since the best rooms work together with materials that complement each other without looking too closely matched. When purchasing fabrics, be sure to keep in mind all the elements within a room. Let our qualified sales team help you choose a variety of fabrics with corresponding colors, patterns and textures to create the best feeling for your room.

We carry a wide variety of fabric lines including Duralee, Kravet, Robert Allen, P. Kaufmann, Waverly, Braemore and Thibaut.

Rugs, Pillows, Lighting, Trim & Accessories

At Front Door Fabrics and Interiors we believe the smallest details can bring panache and flair to most any space. Pillows, rugs, lighting, trim, accessories, and drapery hardware are the icing on the cake for a beautiful and complete room. Just like jewelry, decorative accessories add the finishing touch.

Our extensive trim room includes cording, braids, tassels, fringe and more. Accessories span from lamps, sideboards, tabletop decorations and window treatment hardware. Additionally, we offer a variety of unique wallpaper choices that you can order to complete that special room.

Trim, accessories and hardware are selected to put the finishing touch on any space. We do our best to stay on top of current trends and have a variety of styles for every taste from traditional to modern. Accessories are selected to meld your personal style with current trends.

We offer a wide range of trim, accessories and wallpapers including brands such as Europatex, Marcovaldo, Parisia, Worldwide and Seabrook Wallpaper.

Rugs: Cover up, brighten up, soften up.

Who doesn’t love a pop of color and a soft spot under your bare feet? Rugs do more than cushion your feet, they help anchor a room and set the stage for your designs. Persian, modern, classic, solid, whether you like it soft and subtle or vibrant and bold, Front Door has you covered. Literally and figuratively.

Let the light shine in.

Almost nothing impacts your living space quite like beautiful lighting. Lighting can bathe your space in a warm glow, highlight specific areas that need accenting and even help a room feel larger and more inviting. From table and floor lamps to ceiling and outdoor fixtures, Front Door has all the lumens you need to turn your dark home into a glowing beacon of awesomeness.

Pillows: They’re not just for beds anymore.

Looking for a way to quickly spice up that lonely chair in the corner? Maybe you’re tired of the wall colors and need a pop of color to hold you over until you paint the entire room. If so…pillows to the rescue, and guess who’s got ‘em? Small, large, square, round, if you want ‘em there’s only one place to go.

Goodies? We’ve got ’em.

Our store has more goodies than you can shake a candlestick at. (We have those too, BTW.) But if you have a short attention span, you might not want to come inside. From candles and frames to decor and lighting, there are little surprises of design loveliness scattered throughout the store. From hostess gifts to a little treat just for you, we’ve got something for everyone. We once lost a customer for a full day. True Story.