About Us

The front door is all about welcoming others into your home.

From the moment you step through the front door, our goal is to help you feel welcome. Our talented and creative designers are ready to help you create your own “front door” experience.

Whether you want dazzling window treatments and sophisticated sofas, or plan to enhance your home with a few new pillows and lamps, we offer an impressive selection of fabric, trim, accessories, wallpaper and furniture. Everything in the store has been carefully selected to help you create a home that reflects your unique personality. If you need just a little more help putting it all together, we offer in-home consultations and full workroom services as well.

  • Karen Dixon
    Karen DixonOwner

    Karen Dixon brings many years of retail and in-home decorating experience to the team. Her passion is in translating her customer’s unique visions for their home into design and décor solutions that are both immediately transforming and will also stand the test of time. Beyond the store, she enjoys teaching Bible studies, leading worship at her church, and spending time with her three children.

  • Ann Goodwin
    Ann Goodwin
  • Lori White
    Lori White
  • Emilie Joyner
    Emilie Joyner
  • Brenda Ritchie
    Brenda Ritchie
  • Ashley Fenters
    Ashley Fenters
  • Frances Byrom
    Frances Byrom
  • Marie Deitch
    Marie Deitch
  • Stella

Newest member of the front door family—you.

Welcome to Front Door Fabrics and Interiors, we’ve been expecting you. And as they say in these parts, “C’mon in and sit a spell, put your feet up, y’all want some tea?” Our purpose is to help you realize your design vision with expertise, craftsmanship, and our own unique brand of je ne sais quoi.

Our incredibly talented team of designers are up-to-date on the latest trends, and can help pick out the perfect fabric and solve tricky color issues. Or, we can be a fabulous sounding board if you just want someone to bounce your ideas off. Our goal is to make sure your vision is realized with perfection and style.

As hands on as you want it.

Even if you’ve never looked through a swatch book or picked out wallpaper before, we’re here to help make your next design project a seamlessly wonderful experience. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll step aside and let you have your way with our fabrics and accessories. If you need a little help, just let us know and we’re here to hold your hand, or feed you chocolate. Whatever works.

We love working with interior designers.

Designers are conceptual magicians that can turn an ordinary room into a showcase, and nothing makes us happier than helping a designer make their client happy. Feel free to roam our store or website for inspiration, ideas, or to just bask in the loveliness of new and wonderful fabrics and interior design accessories. *Swoon*