Front Door Featured – Scoop Charlotte 2017 Design Trends

Gold-Toned Finishes

Gold is still on the forefront in the realm of finishes seen on occasional and accent pieces, hardware, and light fixtures. We are still seeing a heavy handed use of it, especially in the use of unlacquered brass, matte gold, and antiqued golds as well as golds mixed with silver leafing for a “gilver” in between look.
2017 decor trends


Brighter Patterns and Colors

From large scale florals to painterly inspired watercolor prints and even oriental inspired chinoiserie prints, we are seeing a navigation back towards richly saturated hues, layered color combinations, vivacious pops, and deep jewel toned colors as opposed to more muted, monochromatic, and neutral spaces.

2017 decor trends


Navy as a Neutral

Grey tones have been the neutral go-to supreme for the past few years now, but we are consistently seeing the use of navy as a way to anchor a room and allow brighter and more jewel toned colors to really pop. It truly is a “neutral” and works well with a wide range of colors and tones.


2017 decor trends

Luxe Natural Accents

Decorative horns, gilded agate and geode slices for lighting and accessories, shagreen, ostrich or faux skin textures on upholstered consoles, end tables and trays, semiprecious stones on overhead fixtures and lamps are all popular accent looks right now.  Really any nature inspired texture displayed in a refined way lends a luxe element as well as a certain level of warmth and depth in texture to a room.

2017 decor trends


Blush, blush, blush

We are crazy about this color from the faintest almost-neutral whisper to a more coral based saturation, and everything in between. Blush looks soft and sophisticated in neutral spaces, but also works well as an unexpected pairing with saturated jewel toned rooms.

2017 trend 5



Layering textures together in textiles and accents creates a more dynamic space. We are finding that even more than ever that juxtaposing textures together (i.e. jute and velvet or slubby linen and silk) creates a well rounded and well designed space.

2017 trend 6


Green and Black

It has been said that every room needs a dash of green and a pinch of black. With “Greenery” being named Pantone’s 2017 color of the year we anticipate seeing a larger use of it. We find it incorporated in to some of those richly saturated large scale florals and prints, as well as in an unexpected pop, like a fabulous green velvet chair or sofa. While this trend has just been announced, and we anticipate it taking a season or so to trickle down into mainstream fabric and accessory lines, we see it being used in small doses in 2017 in addition to black.




The neutral layered linen look is still ever present and lovely, although we are seeing people begin to integrate varying degrees of the above trends into their grey toned neutral spaces, and adding depth and range with darker contrast of blacks or navy and subtle hints of bolder hues. The look is becoming a little less rustic and a little more luxe with the use of metallic finishes and a wide range of luxe textures (cut velvet, basket weave with metallic threads, hair on hides, shagreen or grass cloth etc.)



2017 trend 9



A big thanks to Scoop Charlotte for featuring our prediction for 2017 design trends to watch for {here}!

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