Walter G. Byers Student Art

Front Door Fabrics and Interiors is proud announce that as of this week we will be selling artwork crafted by some of the talented students from one of our local CMS schools, Walter G. Byers. This K-8, year-round school is located in the heart of our city, right next to the Music Factory Uptown and between 18-41% of the children who attend are homeless with a staggering 97% eligible for free or reduced lunch. This economically disadvantaged school doesn’t receive much in terms of additional funding for classroom supplies and other necessities like you would see in some of the CMS schools that feed into other neighborhood regions and socioeconomic sectors in the Charlotte community, most of which have well supported PTA’s, boosters, fundraisers, etc. to assist with such additional funding needs. We have a variety of beautiful art projects from elementary students available for purchase and on display around the store, and 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly to the art department at Walter G. Byers. 

Obviously, we at Front Door have a love for art and color, and want to ensure that children across our city are given the opportunity to be creative individuals and admirers of art as well and your purchase of one of these beautiful pieces by a Byers student will help directly invest in that possibility and potential in the now and in the future of the children in your local community. Take a look at our first installment of elephant drawings now on display here at the store below and stop by today to purchase!  





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