From the Designer’s Desk- Sale Finds

We only have three days left of our Memorial sales week event and there are still tons of gorgeous fabrics, trims, home accessories and accents left in stock to choose from as well as the multitude of special order options as well! This one in progress design, which was totally Stella approved by the way as you can see below, took the inspiration of a gorgeous Turkish rug a client purchased on a recent trip overseas and used it as the inspiration for her complete living room design and accessorizing using a majority of in stock items as well as a few custom order pieces which are ALL ON SALE THIS WEEK! This particular customer saved big on a completely one-of-a-kind and custom designed space featuring high end designer fabrics and products to complete her look. Her gorgeous and colorful Turkish rug was on the smaller side so we decided to layer it over a gold Moroccan patterned special order jute rug for warmth and texture and a subtle layered tonal design. A sleek custom designed, special ordered, navy blue velvet Wesley Hall sofa (also on sale this week) will don some colorful custom ikat pillows out of some in stock fabric as well as some rich rusty red velvet pillows with boxed in navy Greek key trim. An antique cobalt blue Chinese cabinet will serve as a bar cart across the space tying in the sofa color and blue details in the rug and a reading corner will be next to it with one of our fabulous in stock deconstructed burlap and linen accent chairs, a bold and colorful suzani pillow, a patterned garden stool, and a woven Moroccan pouf. Add in a few additional accessories, special order lamps, etc. and we have a fully custom designed room featuring quality and high end designer products that completely reflects here personality, likes, interests, and experiences from her trip- and about 80% of the room was in stock AND ON SALE! We love when we get to pull a space together like this and we love helping you get the best bang for your buck!

Have a space you are trying to finish and need help? Stop by the store today and let one of our talented interior designers take your inspiration piece and translate that into an entire room design!






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