“The Art of Living Beautifully”

In light of recent events and the seemingly continuous stream of local, national, and international tragedies that we seem to be bombarded with via our media and news streams one after the next there is certainly a palpable heaviness in the air and a lingering sense of anxiety, fear, frustration, darkness even that seems hard to digest and process. We understand that here at the store oftentimes interior design, home decor, and decorating can be perceived as a frivolity in the spectrum of all that is going on in the world- a materialistic want not a need. However, our purpose here at the store is far greater that pretty fabrics and furnishings and one of our former (now retired) owners has so kindly and eloquently put into words the true heart and soul of what we set out to do here at Front Door Fabrics & Interiors in her guest blog for today. With that I give you “The Art of Living Beautifully” by Sandy Fulginiti. 

The Art of Living Beautifully

Over 7 years ago, I entered into a partnership with two friends to create a retail fabric and interior design store. We desired to make a difference in people’s lives through the art form of interior beauty.  With our motto as “Love God. Love People. Love Fabric.” we wanted our focus to be on more than just fabric, so we geared it toward serving the whole person by seeing them not only as a client but also as a friend.


(The store during its early days)

With our priorities set, our goal was, and is to “bless the guest,” meaning all who walk through our doors at the store, into our own homes and the homes we help design. Though I have now retired, I learned a lot about community and hospitality through the motto and mission of Front Door Fabrics. What I discovered is the main focus isn’t about all the latest trends- it’s more about helping people learn to relax and enjoy their homes as God intended so that they will feel good about their space and open their doors wide to others.

IMG_3913 (1)

(Mountain home designed during Sandy’s time at the store featuring Front Door fabrics, custom drapery, and furnishings)

Every home is as unique as the people who live there. There is no end to the creative possibilities and joy you can find in the process of making your house a home. We as human beings have a natural God-given desire to nest and nurture. So much of our everyday life is lived at home…it should be place to retreat, relax, restore, replenish and rejuvenate…a safe place to welcome others in for authentic fellowship and life giving community.


(Sandy’s home and beautiful family she gets to enjoy in her retirement. Her home features many beautiful things from Front Door that make it aesthetically well designed but the heart of why she has made her house a home through her gifts and passion for interior design and decor lies in welcoming in and fellowshiping with these individuals and all others she opens her own front doors to.)


“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established.

Through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”

Proverbs 24:3


All in all, “living beautifully” has less to do with the material things; it’s really an attitude of the heart.

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