Front Door Files: Pillows

These lovely sets of pillows recently custom designed by one of our interior designers and made by our talented workroom had us all swooning and wishing for our own bedroom makeovers as they each went off to live in their respective new homes. We are loving the detail of custom flanged edges with tailored pleats in the corners lately as each set of these demonstrate. It is a great way to add in a custom touch to tie the differing patterns and colors together in a sleek and tailored way. The first set showcases a beautiful horizontal striped pattern we have in stock that we have railroaded to run vertically and added the detail of the pattern to the end caps of the pillow. It is corded in the citrine velvet of the other pillows that will sit on the bed behind it for additional coordination. The second set features a fun pattern layering option alternating the use of the navy and white ikat with the yellow and white geometric print for the pillow fabric and trim options proving exactly that it doesn’t have to “match” it has to “go.”



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