Front Door Featured- Scoop Charlotte- First Impressions

Check out our latest feature on Scoop Charlotte here highlighting first impressions in the entryway of a home and all the different things and different ways to add style, personality, and to set the stage and tone of your home for guests!

Here at Front Door we have something for every entryway/ foyer no matter the size, shape, or budget. If you are just starting out and in your first apartment our designers can help you pick out a fantastic paint color, wall art, or mirror to help set your entryway apart for minimal cost in a minimal space allotment. For starter homes we have an amazing selection of designer wallpaper to create a focal wall in combination with a console perhaps with some upholstered x benches underneath and stylish accessories and a lamp on top or, depending on space, maybe you just have a small bench with a few custom made pillows for a pop of color and pattern and a place to sit down and put your shoes on. For a larger scale we have amazing options for a grouping of a small upholstered chair and custom made skirted table, again with playful accents and accessories on top, to help set the tone of the house. All of these, of course, would be anchored by one of our fabulous special order rug options. It is amazing what a singular item, a throw pillow, a statement mirror, a floor vase with greenery, a small accent strip of a bold wallpaper, a new designer fabric to reupholster a hand-me-down bench cushion, etc. can do to transform the tiniest of entryways to the grandest of foyers to welcome you into the home and set the aesthetic tone for the flow of the rest of the house. It is all so case and style specific but there are endless opportunities, and combinations to create the perfect welcoming space for your home and our designers are happy to help you navigate those options to find the perfect fit for you and your house.

Check out some fantastic examples of some Front Door entryways and foyers as well as some home accents and accessories that would go perfectly in any first impression space. The pictures below show some examples of some of our entryway designs featuring some of the things discussed above such as designer fabrics for bench upholstery or accent pillows, custom designed skirted tables and upholstered accent chairs, decorative floor vases for foliage and greenery to set on the floor beside a chair  or atop a table for a grander scale, console tables and x-benches dressed up with artwork, lamps, and a collection of accessories, a variety of our vases and decorative home accents, our line of Capri Blue candles the perfect scent to welcome guests, ceramic garden stools and other storage/ cabinetry options for a more versatile and functional entry space where additional storage is needed.







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