Our Favorite Lamps- Restocked!

Lamps, along with other accessory items, are the “jewelry” of a room oftentimes offering that final finishing touch and detail to polish off and perfect the overall look and feel of a space. Lamps are especially important as the soft lighting they cast helps to illuminate all the other variables in the room design and impact the way that colors and patterns translate in a space while drawing attention to certain areas. Lamps are the perfect way to reinforce the overall aesthetic theme and direction or to reinstate color scheme or accent pops. Nothing is more boring in a room than a plain Jane lamp that barely gets noticed and nothing is more unexpected and conversation starting than a really fabulous set of lamps with a unique color, pattern, shape, lampshade, etc. because it is often an overlooked element in a room. We just restocked some of our favorite best sellers that certainly fit the bill for a one-of-a-kind-conversation-starting-work-of-art accent in any room. Stop by soon and check them out- pictures truly don’t do them justice and the pricing is truly remarkable!


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