Front Door Files: Custom Pillows with Layered Trims and Fabrics

Why would a pair of throw pillows be worthy of a blog post you ask? Well, simply to demonstrate the pride and care and craft that goes into the thoughtful consideration of each element our interior designers select and pair together for your space. While we do have a beautiful selection of pre-made designer throw pillows (made by our workroom and talented pillow vendors and featuring designer fabrics) in stock right now (and on sale for 20% off the month of February!) we understand that not every color scheme, room design, concept, etc. fits a singular pre-made pillow we have in stock so that is where the fun part begins. Our designers are happy to sit down with you and create a custom, one-of-a-kind, work of art for your home in the form of an accent pillow or series of coordinating pillows. We truly believe that pillows, lighting, and other home accents are the “jewelry” that finish off a room adding that final layer of polish, dimension, and detail. Just take a look at this fresh from the workroom creation here: This set of lumbar pillows upon closer examination features two trims and two fabrics and was custom designed to coordinate with several other pillows and elements in the room with even the tiniest detail such as the darker aqua micro cording meant to aesthetically tie in the darker aqua accents in another geometric printed pillow (see the back pillow in the chair of the first picture). Here at Front Door no design detail is left un-turned or un-thought of in order to create distinctively beautiful spaces that tell a personal story and are rich in layers of intricate aesthetic design considerations!



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