From the Designer’s Desk: Dreamy Floral Bedroom

Having a source of inspiration is a great starting point and launching pad by which we can help clients navigate their textile, furniture, and accessory choices towards an overall aesthetic design that best suits and reflects their tastes, personality, interests, hobbies, etc. As we discussed in our previous post this week sometimes it is a vague connection such as in our “serene and spa like home retreat” reveal the client’s general love for the beach and colors/styles that reflected a general sense of and reference to that dictated a lot of the design selections. A lot of times clients come in with a picture from Pinterest or a magazine of a room that speaks to them and we can then dissect what elements in that picture they are drawn to and why. Sometimes it is as simple as wanting to match the colors in artwork, pottery, and existing furniture piece and sometimes it is an even more abstract concept such as this particular in progress bedroom design. This client found a beautiful picture of a truly breathtaking arrangement of flowers and the combination of colors and textures really spoke to her and resonated with here personal style. She and her husband came to us knowing that this was their source of inspiration for the room but unsure of how that translated from the way this picture of something completely un-room related to actual bedding, pillows, drapery, etc. Our talented interior designers heard them out and began the search for the perfect combination of fabrics, trims, paints, and other accents to evoke the same timeless sophistication this English garden bouquet presents. Classic apple green silk buffalo check mixed with a modern take on a chintzy floral married with a pop of the perfect shade of blush velvet and layers of timeless trims and this room is truly starting to take shape and we feel could not be any more of an accurate translation of the inspiration picture. This room has been such a treat to work on as the layers of silks, checks, florals, and decadent trimmings are not something that are requested often in a world full of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware inspiration images (which are just as beautiful and fitting for different client needs and styles but more streamlined and tailored in their visual approach- a.k.a. not a lot of layered trims and patterns, etc.) but there is something so simple and sweet about a style of design like this that is so incredibly classic that it truly stands the test of time time and time again.

Have you found a picture, a scrap of a textile, a piece of artwork that truly leaves you floored with how much it speaks to you and resonates with you? Have you found your inspiration piece but are unsure of how to translate the feel of that into tangible textiles and design details? Call the store today and set up your own interior design consultation and let us help you make your vision take life.
floral bedroom

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