From the Designer’s Desk: Greige Space


Over the last few years grey has become the “new neutral” and color du-jour in magazines, big box home furnishing retailers, Pinterest, and more and, rightfully so as it is a softer more approachable neutral than darker browns, feels fresher and more current than the popularized gold and “old world” tones of years prior, and tends to work well with a vast array of other colors providing the “perfect” neutral backdrop. Sometimes, however when you are refreshing and transitioning your home from an entire “look” that now feels tired or dated to you or one that you are just tired of looking at day in and day out it can feel overwhelming as merely changing one thing will start a domino effect by which everything from big things like upholstered pieces to little things like accessories will need to change to accommodate the new aesthetic. We understand how daunting this can feel which is why we are here to help! You don’t have to completely gut the soft furnishings and rid yourself of the accessories of your home completely to change things up and refresh your space. We are happy to help you utilize elements of what you have to transform spaces in a way that still seamlessly meshes with existing adjoining rooms that won’t be changed or existing elements that you are keeping the same while marrying your “old style” with your “new style” in a way that is personal and distinct to you. See here this in progress design whose purpose is just that- to refresh and makeover a few spaces and elements in a home that is already gorgeously furnished and accessorized but whose homeowner is tired of the gold and brown tones and is ready for a crisp new change and aesthetic based in the grey toned family. This is easily accomplished by selecting weightier greys with distinct khaki and warm undertones that compliment existing (and staying) gold based paint colors and design elements. Accenting subtle aqua and deep coral undertones in adjoining spaces makes this grey palette have a certain warmth and depth to it while still maintaining a fresh new perspective and layers of textures, patterns, and custom detailing makes the space feel distinctive, personal, and well rounded design-wise just like the rest of the home. Have a space that you are struggling to transform? Unsure of where to begin and overwhelmed by all the elements that might fall victim to the domino design effect? Set up an in home consultation with one of our talented interior designers and let us help you decipher what to change and what to keep to refresh your home’s style!

grey room

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