New Year, New Fabrics


While Santa was out delivering Christmas gifts all of the little Front Door elves were busy at work sorting, color coordinating, and hanging our brand spanking new library extension of our Front Door line of fabrics! That’s right, we have expanded our proprietary label and now have several hundred more special order fabric options as a part of our signature line. We pride ourselves in customer service and when our customers voice a need we listen- some of our most difficult things to source for a long time now have been plaids, stripes, checks, and novelty prints due to the fact that not a lot of our vendors offered a wide selection of such and they tend to be so case and color specific it oftentimes makes the search a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack sort of hunt to find the perfect one. Well dear customers, we are happy to announce that we heard you out loud and clear and have searched and sourced high and low and have incorporated what we feel is a fantastic and diverse selection of menswear inspired wool plaids and tartans, houndstooth checks of differing scales and color combinations, wide cabana stripes, checks, ticking stripes, sea inspired prints that we feel are more chic that kitschy, other novelty prints perfect for kids rooms, tons of colorful animal inspired motifs, and some truly gorgeous high end embroideries, and much, much more! With all of these fresh new selections we have a feeling 2016 will be one of the stylish ones yet!









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