On the Twelfth Day of Christmas at Front Door I Did See..

On the twelfth day of Christmas at Front Door I did see a cause worth supporting every month! Ever since our doors opened eight years ago as Front Door Fabrics we have decided to partner with a wonderful organization, She Is Safe, in order to support their efforts, specifically those in Mali, to help “prevent, rescue, and restore women and girls from abuse and exploitation in high risk places around the world, equipping them to build a life of freedom, faith and a strong future.” Every month a percentage of our profits go to fund their efforts to rescue these women and girls, and provide them with a sewing machine as well as a program and other resources they may need to learn how to use them in order that they can support themselves and their families and pave the way for a bright new future. Every time you shop at Front Door, every 12 months of the year, this, dear customers, is the greater cause that you are supporting. Thank you to all who have shopped with us loyally over the past few years! Not only does shopping local support your Charlotte economy and small businesses but it helps reach those across the globe that you may never even see or know and what better gift is that to give not only at Christmas but all year long. Read more about this wonderful organization and consider donating here.

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