On the Eighth Day of Christmas at Front Door I Did See…

On the eighth day of Christmas at Front Door I did see eight interior designers designing! We have a talented staff here at the store of skilled and formally trained interior designers, seamstresses, and artists here all of which are passionate about the craft that they do and are willing and eager to bring their unique creative approach and perspective to each project and task at hand. We specialize here in custom interiors from every aspect and detail- from the specific color of the boarder of a rug to the details of the artwork and accessories, from the trim on the drapery panels to the specific hue of the paint color, from the upholstery nail head pattern to the accent pillows flange, from the overhead lighting finish to the shades used on the lamps we are here to help you pull together the final details to round out your existing space or to nix it all and start from scratch to create the space and the home of your dreams. All of our talented designers are available for in home design consultations for $100/hr and are also available to assist you in store in searching and brainstorming for the perfect fabric, accent, etc. you are looking for that day. Call the store to set up your own appointment with a member of our talented design team today and get to designing the space of your dreams!

eight designers

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