Front Door- New Look, New Scent

Well, folks, the grey skies and rain continue relentlessly still today but in spite of the weather we are going to cozy up indoors with the ambiance of some fantastic scented candles in pretty containers and relishing in the look of our brand new logo on our front doors! What do you think?!


As the branding revamp continues piece by piece take a look at our new line of custom Front Door candles scents featuring our brand new logo and some beautiful packaging. We now have a signature scent and a holiday scent available in store now custom poured and designed for us by our fabulous new next door neighbors, Ella B Candles (a local Charlotte company specializing in hand poured soy candles with scents featuring different Charlotte neighborhoods) !


We also have an amazing selection of other decorative holiday candles and scents as well as new holiday and traditional Volcano candles and other Capri Blue scents that make perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and are just downright pretty to look at and relaxing to smell as you bunker down in this dreary weather and begin to plot out the upcoming holiday season. So, come on in, relax in the intoxicating scent that all of these fill the store with while you shop and take a few home today!


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