From the Designer’s Desk: Room to Room Flow

In open concept living spaces it is important to be able to establish an aesthetic flow from room to room. While this doesn’t necessarily mean utilizing the same exact color scheme or design aesthetic between spaces it does mean creating a cohesive and collected feel where the colors and patterns from one space marry well with the colors of the next so that there is no abrupt disruption in the overall feel and flow. This in progress design shows the aesthetic flow from room to room which is overall soft, subdued, and serene with calming spa like hues. The middle space in the mix features a subtle jolt of more color in order to collaborate with some vibrant artwork in the space but overall caters back to the relaxed and serene feel of the other two adjoining spaces. Do you have artwork that you are having a hard time working around or an open concept space that has you puzzled? Set up your own interior design consultation today and let us help you pull the spaces together with designer fabrics, trims, accessories, and home furnishings!

from the designers desk2

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