Thanksgiving/Christmas Cut Off Dates

While we are not trying to go all craft store on you (not naming names here) and put out Thanksgiving , Christmas and seasonal holiday stuff/ information so early it sends everyone into panic attack mode, the reality is that even though most of us are still coming to terms with the fact that it is now officially October and the fall season is officially upon us the holidays are going to be here before you know it. It is less than 100 days until Christmas and even less for Thanksgiving and we know that as friends and family flock into town and gatherings and holiday parties go into full swing many people want to spruce up certain areas of their home whether it be their den or a guest room in preparation for such. In the line of what we do here it is important to note that quality custom design work takes time. Time to select and design, time to special order, and time to make. Being said, the holiday cutoff for Thanksgiving deadlines for the store is coming up on the week of October 19th for all custom workroom items i.e: window treatments, bedding, table skirts, etc. All custom Wesley Hall orders have a deadline of October 26th for Christmas orders (Thanksgiving cutoff has already passed). Stay tuned for the Christmas cut off date for our custom workroom. So, if you were wanting to order that new sleeper sofa or extra chair to accommodate your guests or new blackout panels for the guest bedroom now is the time to stop in and meet with one of our talented designers to get the ball rolling! Any orders after these dates we cannot guarantee by or before the holidays especially not without an up charge for a rush job for our workroom (which is still debatable time wise- we would have to check with the workroom’s workload). So, stop in soon and place your orders and rest easy knowing your custom work will be in just in time for entertaining! holiday cut off

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