High Point Fall 2015 Market: Trending Orange

It is that time of year when to market we go to explore all of the new product lines and introductions, source new vendors and inventory for the store, check in with existing reps and vendors on our current lines, and explore the up and coming trends for the new season. You may have already seen our preview post over the weekend of the color pop that was Wesley Hall, but we have to say, this decided new accent color du jour stuck out like a traffic cone (in a good way!) Orange was definitely the color darling of market with bold pops ranging from bright neon to muted autumnal pumpkin showing up in accessories, bedding, upholstery, lamps, rugs, to even tiny tape trimmed accents. Take a look at some other ways orange showed up at market below and stay tuned for our coverage of this fall’s showing the rest of the week!



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