New Decorative Trays

Decorative trays are a special sort of interior design secret when it comes to accessorizing and finalizing all of the finishing touches to a space- you know, the ones that add that distinct layer of polish and detail and overall round out the entire look. The secret is they are the perfect item to corral together collections, small accessories and knick knacks, and even random odds and ends (magazines, remote controls) etc. and provide for them a platform of presentation by which the are instantaneously elevated to a more prestigious and more organized feeling aesthetic stature. Decorative trays can even become a focal point of a niche of a room by adding shimmer and sheen with metallic accents and mirrored surfaces, a pop or reinforcement of a color scheme, or a needed textural element for contrast. We have recently received in a gorgeous selection of decorative designer trays in our store of all shapes, sizes, finishes, and styles that would be perfect at the end of a guest bed, atop an ottoman, or on a table top. Stop by soon and check them out for yourself- we even have options that can be special ordered if you don’t find what you need in store.

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