New Custom Rugs Available!


One thing that we constantly hear from clients at the store are things like, “I have this oriental rug I am trying to match or work around…” or “My room is finished but I am having difficulties finding the perfect rug…” etc. Oftentimes a rug can make or break the overall design of a space as it is the one element that grounds the room and unifies a grouping of furnishings. It can even determine or reinforce certain color schemes or moods (i.e. traditional orientals often have bold reds or blues and high impact patterns that can oftentimes make it difficult to pair other colors or patterns directly on top of and sometimes the determination of a contemporary pattern vs. a more traditional one will totally sway the entire aesthetic of the space one way or the other). It seems to oftentimes be one of the biggest aesthetically founding design elements in a space whether at the beginning or the end of the process and therefore has a lot of importance in terms of selection. While, here at the store, we already have a wonderful selection of rugs in all shapes, sizes, makes, colors, and styles sometimes that still isn’t enough options when the perfect rug becomes and illusive chase which is why we are so pleased to now offer completely 100% custom rug options! That’s right now you are not limited to size being your only custom option when needed, we now have a catalog of rug pattern options from contemporary to traditional that YOU can select whichever thread colors desired to coordinate with your space! Stop by and take a look and sit down with one of our designers to design the perfect, one-of-a-kind rug for your space!

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