Labor Day Labor of Love

While we are closed today in observance of Labor Day we will resume our amazing sale starting at normal business hours tomorrow (9:30-5:00). As our sale runs through this Saturday the 12th we ask that you consider investing in and supporting us as a part of your local small business economy. We often get comments from customers and designers alike that they can find certain items online for sometimes lower prices, and while we acknowledge that that is on occasion true (because those websites are oftentimes able to be lower in price due to the large warehouse/ chain store set up) the price you pay for that is the gamble that it is secondhand fabric cuts often with flaws, etc., the shipping expenses, and most importantly the fact that it is taking away business from your local economy and investing it elsewhere. Not to mention, online forums and stores don’t supply the superb customer service and don’t facilitate the one-on-one personal designer/client relationships that we are able to establish here as we assist you in the design process in our local, mom and pop, small business, brick and mortar set up. A set up that also supports and sells made and manufactured in NC furniture and many fabric lines, that gives back a portion of our profits to women in need, and that works with local charitable organizations, local artists and craftswomen, etc.  As the holiday season fast approaches and you begin to buy gifts for such and prepare your home for company we ask that you consider to continue shopping small and shopping local. We are so proud of our location here in the Queen City and we hope you share the same sentiments! Thank you for shopping Front Door! As we appreciate a day off today know that it is truly a labor of love to be of service to you, Charlotte! See you bright and early tomorrow!



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