New Scents In Stock- Volcano Candles

Have you ever walked into an Anthropologie store or a clothing boutique just to smell and/or purchase the candles? Come on, admit it- we have too! Something about the amazing aroma of the Volcano candles makes the shopping experience equal parts relaxing and therapeutic and, in turn, makes your home feel just a dash more luxurious. Well, here at Front Door we are all about making your house a relaxing, inviting, soothing, and rejuvenating retreat in all aspects from furnishings to fabrics to decor to accessories and small decorations from overhead lighting and lamps to yes, even candles because every facet of your home speaks volumes about the people that love and live there and we want to make sure that no sensory detail goes un-turned. We are thrilled to announce that in addition to our other wonderful soy candle options we will now stock these cult classics in all of their glorious scents and beautiful containers! Stop by and load up on yours today!




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