New Pillows In Stock

We have the privilege of working with some truly delicious “eye candy” designer fabrics on a day to day basis whether that be in pulling options for custom designs for client meetings, meeting with vendors and sales reps to view the new product lines, out and about at market to see the latest trends, or acquiring truly amazing deals on designer closeout bolts and shorts from our furniture manufacturers. We truly believe that the fabrics you choose can make or break a space based off of the pattern, color, texture, and a combination of the above. We like to keep a full inventory of these designer threads available for our customers at all times with our in stock fabric showroom and, as a part of that, like to also have plenty of options for our own takes on ready made versions of designer pillows out of some of these bolts. Check out the latest arrival, fresh from the workroom, featuring some truly amazing patterns and prints, custom trims, contrast backings, invisible zippers, and contrast welts. Hurry by soon before they are gone! 

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