From the Designer’s Desk: Dapper Jewel Box

The balance between feminine and masculine design details in a space can sometimes be a fine line to walk and to balance out between couples merging differing aesthetic styles together. Oftentimes the direction of the design can veer too far in one extremity leaving the other feeling left out or unconsidered. The best way to accomplish this is to create a layered look with eclectic and differing combinations. This means juxtaposing feminine furniture silhouettes (see chairs) with masculine fabrics (wool, moss green velvet, pheasant inspired prints), balancing accessory details (see feminine bauble chandelier with masculine lamp/shade or jeweled handled calligraphy brushes with a tortoise shell decanter) and overall allocating a one-for-one approach to the room (masculine sofa meets feminine mirror frame, dark grey masculine wallpaper meets feminine metallic geometric detail), etc. Overall, the best designed rooms have a proportional consideration for such creating a subtle tension and interest in the dynamics of the space. 

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