Pillow Trend: Solid Pops of Color

The fragile balancing act of “less is more” can sometimes seem counteractive in a segment of the design industry zeroed in on custom embellishments and layered and one-of-a-kind details; however, as the saying goes, dare we say, sometimes a more powerful punch and statement is added to a space with this minimalist approach.  Case in point the latest in pillow trends (as seen at last week’s Showtime market): solid colored knife edge pillows. I know, I know but take a look at some of these inspiration images below and allow them to revamp your thinking. This is the perfect way to reinforce an accent color, to provide a barrier and a place for the eye to rest among powerful layers of patterns, and to reinstate an aesthetic of serenity and sophistication- these are pillows that are regal in their own right without having to declare so with bells and whistles, if you will. For the “more is more” camp, jazz these up with some interesting nubby linen, velvet, or silk textures or ombre arrangements to truly add some depth to the simplistic and streamlined design:

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