New Custom Hand Painted Silk Pillows

Our store mascot and quite possibly friendliest and most eager to greet customers employee, Stella, can oftentimes be seen napping around under our accent tables or perched up on her favorite custom upholstered chairs- a true testament to their comfort! For us, having Stella around the store instantaneously brightens everyone’s day and elevates everyone’s mood- pets are good at that! As a tribute to her and to all animal lovers out there we recently commissioned a custom, hand painted, silk pillow created based off of a recent picture of her caught in the middle of one of her afternoon naps at the store to show you the talent of one of our amazing custom pillow vendors. We have to say, when the pillow came in this week we all had to gasp at how intricately detailed and beautifully crafted it was, the resemblance was uncanny- take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself: 
This is such a special way to pay tribute to a favorite family pet whether dog, cat, horse, etc. and would be the most meaningful of gifts to the animal lover in your life. However, even if you don’t have a pet, these beautiful hand painted silk pillows can be custom ordered based off of any picture of your choosing: An old family photo, a favorite vacation spot, the house you grew up in, etc. Stop by the store today and let us help you place an order for a beautiful and deeply personal custom pillow for your own home. They are truly sentimental tokens from the heart to be cherished and passed down for years to come. 

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