High Point Spring 2015 Market: Sculptural Forms

The most intriguing sense of style is most often found at the intersection of form and function. It is a fine balance between the appearance of a piece and its ability to work in a space and oftentimes that balance is far too easy to overshoot and miss with a veering towards either too pretty and unpractical or super practical and not so pretty. When the chord is struck right well, that my friends is where the magic happens- the sweet spot where novelty meets nostalgia and aesthetics turn avant garde and creativity soars and sings. This spring’s market struck the nail right on the head with a beautiful presentation of the geometric form in a dynamic and dramatic show. There was a heavy emphasis on sculptural lines with special attention given to the overall 3D presentation and the multi-faceted view points of each silhouette with the focus on creating impact with the sole use of lines. Artwork in the form of lighting, mirrors, accent chairs, and consoles was the result: 

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