High Point Spring 2015 Market: Accessories

Let’s talk accessories. High Point Market was a sea of endlessly stylish and unique decor and accessory items all of which were certainly candy for the eye and would finish off a room design in the most delightful way. Brass sculptured items, decorative frames, blue and white pottery and chinoiserie elements such as foo dogs were ever present and held true to their current status as desirable decor. However, there were a few repeating accent pieces that stood out in our minds this show. Granted, these accessory ideas are not new or novel and have been used before in the most effective and stylish ways but the repetition of them from showroom to showroom made us take a second look and appreciate the value that they do add to any space. 

The perfect way to not only introduce style but function to any space. Ottomans and foot stools, especially in pairs, make a big style impact by providing color, texture, pattern, and form to a room with x-bench, ming, cylindrical, and other geometric designs. These look perfectly posh tucked under a console table, flanking a fireplace, or in front of a sofa or wing chairs. 
Perfect for fillers on large scale built ins or in small groupings on console or coffee tables these books in their varying spine patterns and colors help reinforce the color scheme of a space and offer a major supporting role to styling vignettes of accessories.
These add a modern edge to prints and photographs and look especially nice when juxtaposed with vintage and antique feeling prints. Natural elements such as sea fans, feathers, and ferns gain a museum like quality when showcased in such a distinctive frame.

The perfect way to, again, reinforce color accents and to introduce pattern and color to small accessory vignettes to finish off a space’s design. This “jewelry” for a room packs as much of a punch aesthetically as it does functionally. These are the perfect avenues to corral odds and ends and multiple accessory items in a way that feels organized and to hide remotes or undesirables in the most stylish of ways. 

Going along with the resurgence of mid century modern the bar cart is back along with all of its accessories and stylings. Even if you don’t use these carts to display your beverages it makes for the perfect accent table for plants, sculptural objects, books, frames, etc. 

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