High Point Market Spring 2015: Color Trends

With so many beautiful things to see at High Point Furniture Market, one thing that stands out the most among all of the new furniture designs and accessories, and that becomes most apparent as an up-and- coming trend from showroom to showroom, is the “new” color introductions and the popularization of varying hues from year to year and season to season. This spring’s 2015 market had some very apparent new colors du jour as the saturation of them between all the multitudes of vendors became very obvious quickly. 
Blush Pink
First up, we have any and every shade of blush. From the palest whisper of a pink to some that verge on coral or salmon or lilac this color was everywhere in dainty doses and oftentimes was paired with neutrals.
 Marsala and Mint:
Next up, our Pantone color of the year, Marsala, quickly made a debut in the design scene (after only being announced at the end of last year) and was a match made in design heaven when married to mint. Clean, crisp, and cool this was a color combination that felt equal parts fresh as it did nostalgic. 

Tangerine Orange
A nod to our previous trend post on the re-surgance of mid century modern designs accents of bold orange could be found throughout in everything from wall colors to artwork to accessories and even the upholstery itself. 
Canary Yellow, Blue, and White
As projected from the past few markets the classic true blues paired with white where still very much on par. The blue and white combo was found throughout market but was, for the most part, maintained in accessory type items and artwork and only occasionally showed up in upholstered goods. Small jolts of sunny canary yellow were also still speckled continuously throughout in small doses and were often paired with jewel tones or monochromatic black/white/grey combinations. 

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