Front Door Files: Wesley Hall Upholstery

Inspired by our Tilton Fenwick Maris print, one of our talented interior designers is working on creating a soothing and serene space based off of the soft aquas and pale citron accents of the print as the encompassing pallet for the entire living space she is currently working on. A gorgeous Greek key geometric from the in-stock floor inventory in a soft aqua shade became the perfect compliment to this print (used for drapery in the space) for a custom swivel Wesley Hall chair. The chair was fully customized with a contrast linen banding sweeping along the bottom of the skirt as well as contrast welting in the same and a custom designed pillow in a lovely citron linen with flat trim was added as a subtle pop of color to coordinate. Sigh….we could sit in this chair and relax all day….

Have a custom Front Door upholstered piece or pillow you would like to share? We would love to see! email us at [email protected] to see your design featured! 

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