Front Door Files: Pillows

Our pillow workroom has been busy, busy, busy lately with orders upon orders of fabulous custom designed pillow creations! Check out this second batch of custom coordinating goodness just in for some very special customers to pick up! 
Coordinating neutrals with red accents and custom red velvet and leather cording

Coordinating set of animal prints, colorful vintage rug inspired patterns, and textured apple green solids also with sumptuous velvet cording

One of our favorite textured upholstery weights paired with a watercolor inspired English hunt scene toile and lattice geometric also using the oh so popular leather/velvet cording duo of this batch.

gorgeous custom ikat pillow with micro braided burlap flange

textured eggplant hued solid with custom mitered jute textured flange
The possibilities are endless! And as we have seen in all of these most recent pillow creations the texture and detail of the trim is sometimes the very element needed to tie the whole look together and set the pillow apart as a custom designed work of art. Stop by today and let’s have fun with some fabrics and trim for your space! 

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