From the Designer’s Desk: Artwork Inspired Spaces

Artwork is something that is so deeply personal in any space. It most oftentimes speaks to the very specific and personal tastes, interests, memories, hobbies, family heritage, and many other facets of the people who hang it in their home. Artwork is highly subjective and can, because of such, be one of the hardest elements to find and/or work around in a space- it can be intimidating to do justice to a piece that holds such meaning to the owner making the space work around and with it and vice versa can be intimidating to select a piece that marries well with existing elements when it is inserted into a space after the fact. There is no need to match the artwork overtly, but, rather speak to it and the essence that it creates. In doing so, the space will naturally evolve around it. Two of our designers just so happen to be working simultaneously on differing in-home consultation projects that are centered upon gorgeous artwork and the aesthetic style they establish in each individual space. We thought it would be fun to share as the overall style and colors are two completely different design aesthetics, one timeless and traditional and one colorfully chic and more contemporary. Take a look and see these behind the scenes in-progress pictures from the designers’ desks:

{Inspiration artwork for the space- bold persimmon, orchid, aqua, and chartreuse painterly streaks against an inky navy background serve as the inspiration for the overall color scheme of the space}

{Visual inspirations from Pinterest and magazines evoke the essence desired for the overall look and feel of the space- fun and lively while still refined}
{The beginnings of design selections made after in-home and in-store interior design consultations with the client- vivacious colors in bold geometrics, organic animal prints, and textural tweeds balanced out by layers of deep, moody navy, crisp white, and jolts of citrus}

{Client’s English hunt scene inspired oil painting evoke the essence and color scheme of the home and it’s surroundings- timeless traditions.}

{Ralph Lauren-esque inspired decor images- layered patterns, rich jewel tones, timeless silhouettes evoke the overall feel of this home.}
{client’s existing fabrics to be re-incorporated}

{Custom interior design pulls for the space- hand painted toile scenes, plaids, velvet pinstripes, leather, tartan, and layers of sumptuous traditional textures are all possibilities for this space revamp.}
Have some artwork you would like to incorporate or work around? Make an appointment today with one of our talented interior designers and let’s see what we can dream up for your space! 

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