From the Designer’s Desk: Quick Change Refresh

Whether it is an existing sofa you can’t or don’t wish to recover, your husband’s favorite armchair that he won’t budge on re-doing, an heirloom piece of artwork that you need to work around color-wise, a needlepoint pillow or china collection from your grandmother that is displayed, some existing tile work circa 1980 that isn’t at the top of the priority list to change out ….whatever it may be we all have those elements in our homes, some treasured and some necessary evils, that we have to work around when it comes to designing a space. It is not everyday that you, as a customer, or we, as interior designers, start from a completely blank slate, totally from scratch and selecting each and every element for the room, when it comes to pulling fabrics, furniture, paint or wallpaper, and accessories to pull a room together. Being said, have no fear! We are experts here as quick change artists! Some times all it takes is the quick swap of a fabric on an upholstered piece, a few throw pillows to tie in some colors and textures, or a refresh in your wall’s paint color to breathe some fresh life into a space. Case in point, take a look at some options here on one of our designer’s desks from an in-home consult. All three looks evoke basically the same style aesthetic and color pallet with a few tweaks here and there whether that be shifting some fabrics to a slightly darker or lighter pallet, adding subtle tweaks with pattern layering, or coming up with options such as 1) redoing the upholstery or 2) keeping existing upholstery and making it work with additions of pillows and other small elements. We are always happy to work with you and work with what you have to make it work!
Stop by today or call in to schedule your own interior design consultation and let us see what we can dream up for your space! 

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