Time to let your mind wander to that magical place …

From the Designer’s Desk: Daughter’s Room

While we spend a lot of time here at the store designing beautiful and sophisticated “grown up” spaces we also specialize in designing nurseries, play rooms, kids rooms, teenager [...]

From the Designer’s Desk: Classic Coral Chic

Some colors are soul mates- just meant to be married together in perfect harmony. They are a tried and true, no fail, always fresh, always timeless, always beautiful go to’s. The palest [...]

From the Designer’s Desk: Personal Touches

Any talented interior designer out there can pull together beautiful fabrics, coordinating furnishings and accents, special lighting features, and intricate details that make the room feel [...]

From the Designer’s Desk: Modern Classics

Plaids, tweeds, paisleys, checks, stripes, Jacobean inspired florals, and modern damask prints all based in a palette of rich camels, navy, and pale aquas accented with pops of coral and apple [...]